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Requirements to come and play !

Dogs should be up to date on vaccines, including rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella and proof of a negative fecal.

  • All dogs must be on a flea and tick prevention plan

  • Dog must be over 4 months of age and 15lbs

  • Dogs  need to be spayed or neutered

  • Dog must be fairly well socialized and show no aggression to dogs or humans

  • Arrive with your dog leashed and remember to take your dog for a brief walk before entering daycare so they can relieve themselves

  • Feed your dog at least 1 hour before and after daycare

  • Dogs must attend daycare at least once a month and may be subject to a re-interview after a 30-day lapse in attendance

  • Seresto flea collars must be removed BEFORE arriving at daycare

  • All dogs are subject to interview before being accepted into our daycare

  • Sick dogs must stay home from Daycare, we reserve the right to send a sick dog home to protect other dogs

  • We reserve the right to remove your dog from daycare for one or more of the following. If you dog is  fighting, leaving a mark on a dog or staff member, being overly stressed and not listening


If your pup is interested in coming to play please submit an application and a staff member will contact you. 

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